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Legal Entity Identifier or LEI is a unique identity reference code allocated to a body recognised by law as legally existing in accordance with an internationally agreed standard administered by the Regulatory Oversight Committee (ROC) of the Global Legal Entity Identifier System (GLEIS).
The ROC is a stand-alone committee established by the international Financial Stability Board (FSB) and endorsed by the Group of 20 (G-20) nations. The ROC has authorised Local Operating Units (LOU) which generate and issue the LEIs.
LEI Note
Are you looking to:
- map your ISINs to LEIs?
- map your ISINs to MFIs?
- enrich your database with official LEI data?
- verify the mappings that you have created in-house?
In this case, it is really simple! Just send your relevant ISIN data set to and we will check your data for ISINLEI maps.

We not only have built sophisticated tools to match the name of the Issuer that has issued the ISIN with the registered legal name of the LEI or MFI to provide a high level of confidence that that ISIN to LEI or MFI match is correct. More importantly, we have networked the ISIN to LEI and ISIN to MFI match and thereby are able to verify the match with funding officials working for the relevant issuer. This provides an added level of certainty that the ISIN to LEI or ISIN to MFI match is correct.
LEI Legal name # ISINs matched Country
253400107RVERSM1FX70 "Азиатско-Тихоокеанский Банк" (Акционерное общество) (Asian-Pacific Bank PJSC) 2 Russian Federation
253400K8490BM0R69348 "Акционерный коммерческий банк "Держава" публичное акционерное общество" (Derzhava Bank) 3 Russian Federation
2534004Q8CZQUFSL5U63 "Асака" давлат-акциядорлик тижорат банки (Asakabank) 1 Uzbekistan
25340047U7CXR02TRA83 "Банк "МБА-МОСКВА" Общество с ограниченной ответственностью ("The Bank " IBA-MOSCOW" Limited liability company) 1 Russian Federation
25340045EEL351X3W326 "БНП ПАРИБА Банк" Акционерное общество (BNP Paribas Bank) 1 Russian Federation
253400WSS48YWMBUA688 "Газпромбанк" (Акционерное общество) (Gazprombank) 220 Russian Federation
2534006J694XCKJDSF77 "ИНТЕРПРОГРЕССБАНК" (Акционерное общество) (Interprogressbank) 1 Russian Federation
253400B2D4HEEB176H41 "Креди Агриколь Корпоративный и Инвестиционный Банк" акционерное общество (Credit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank JSC) 0 Russian Federation
253400RQYN91FHYPRS96 "Кредит Урал Банк" (Акционерное общество) ("Credit Ural Bank" Joint Stock Company) 0 Russian Federation
253400SGM4STY4SQB120 "Международный коммерческий банк" (публичное акционерное общество) (INTERNATIONAL COMMERCIAL BANK) 1 Russian Federation
2534000R9X3PNNE57C55 "МОСКОВСКИЙ КРЕДИТНЫЙ БАНК" (публичное акционерное общество) (Credit Bank of Moscow) 51 Russian Federation
253400GW9G8AH6C1MD04 "НОТА-Банк" (Публичное акционерное общество) (NOTA-Bank) 4 Russian Federation
253400XFJDT0BJVQP041 "Ресей Жинак Банкі" Акцирнерлік коғамы Еншілес Банкі (Sberbank of Russia (Kazakhstan)) 8 Kazakhstan
253400D214P5D31NSL16 "Российский акционерный коммерческий дорожный банк" (публичное акционерное общество) (Russian joint-stock commercial roads Bank) 3 Russian Federation
25340008GF2H0T8HKN44 "СДМ-Банк" (публичное акционерное общество) (SDM-Bank) 1 Russian Federation
2534006SYNF9P08RE288 "Сетелем Банк" Общество с ограниченной ответственностью ("Cetelem Bank" Limited liability company) 0 Russian Federation
253400UYVFB24M90T690 "ԱյԴի Բանկ" Փակ Բաժնետիրական Ընկերություն ("ID Bank" CJSC) 12 Armenia
2138002DQL2YD4S8HE87 (بنك دبي التجاري (ش.م.ع (Commercial Bank of Dubai P.S.C) 5 United Arab Emirates
988400FZ3MOW7IBCKQ86 (재)한국장학재단 (Korea Student Aid Foundation) 337 South Korea
9884002NLYN8Q88V8Y28 (주) 불스원 (BULLSONE CO., LTD.) 2 South Korea
988400SQWZ34LADYL505 (주) 엘에스 (LS Corp.) 6 South Korea
988400IES4EIG7O06940 (주) 엘지화학 (LG Chemical Ltd) 36 South Korea
549300VUVMRL6RE7R376 (주) 우리은행 (Woori Bank [London]) 2 South Korea
549300VUVMRL6RE7R376 (주) 우리은행 (Woori Bank) 726 South Korea
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