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Legal Entity Identifier or LEI is a unique identity reference code allocated to a body recognised by law as legally existing in accordance with an internationally agreed standard administered by the Regulatory Oversight Committee (ROC) of the Global Legal Entity Identifier System (GLEIS).
The ROC is a stand-alone committee established by the international Financial Stability Board (FSB) and endorsed by the Group of 20 (G-20) nations. The ROC has authorised Local Operating Units (LOU) which generate and issue the LEIs.
LEI Note
Are you looking to:
- map your ISINs to LEIs?
- map your ISINs to MFIs?
- enrich your database with official LEI data?
- verify the mappings that you have created in-house?
In this case, it is really simple! Just send your relevant ISIN data set to and we will check your data for ISINLEI maps.

We not only have built sophisticated tools to match the name of the Issuer that has issued the ISIN with the registered legal name of the LEI or MFI to provide a high level of confidence that that ISIN to LEI or MFI match is correct. More importantly, we have networked the ISIN to LEI and ISIN to MFI match and thereby are able to verify the match with funding officials working for the relevant issuer. This provides an added level of certainty that the ISIN to LEI or ISIN to MFI match is correct.
LEI Legal name # ISINs matched Country
5299006S3ALB1X1PU159 3 Banken-Generali Investment-Gesellschaft m.b.H. (3 Banken-Generali Investment-Gesellschaft m.b.H.) 0 Austria
635400VCGQRRXBIIRW93 3AB OPTIQUE DEVELOPPEMENT (3AB Optique Developpment SAS) 0 France
35GDVHRBMFE7NWATNM84 3i Group Plc (3i Group Plc) 392 United Kingdom
213800IWGUQS3U4V8953 3I HOLDINGS PLC (3i Holdings Plc) 5 United Kingdom
549300SQ4ZSVSWC6H750 3i Infrastructure PLC (3I INFRASTRUCTURE PLC) 0 Jersey
213800PQLSKZ25LSII39 3i PLC (3i PLC) 1 United Kingdom
LUZQVYP4VS22CLWDAR65 3M Company (3M Company) 47 United States
529900VVQ4470YJ67K26 3U Holding AG (3U Holding AG) 0 Germany
5493005LM11U105HR746 3V Invest Swiss Small & Mid Cap (3V INVEST SWISS SMALL AND MID CAP) 0 Luxembourg
222100BLL26OLIPJ3F50 3W Power S.A. (3W Power S.A.) 2 Luxembourg
549300ITPX78LJ50F318 407 East Development Group General Partnership (408 East Development Group) 1 Canada
2138003QX1RSCHWUB420 4FINANCE S.A. (4 Finance S.A.) 6 Luxembourg
213800YCHHN4TW6P4B93 4FINANCE, AS (4Finance) 2 Latvia
213800G95T751RN2CT94 4IMPRINT GROUP PLC (4IMPRINT Group PLC) 0 United Kingdom
5493005GU1NFX4YB2S73 5N Plus Inc. (5N Plus Inc) 1 Canada
39120001KQRWX38NNJ75 886 AG (886 AG) 0 Germany
213800H84UJQYSVF9750 888 HOLDINGS PLC (888 HOLDINGS PLC) 0 Gibraltar
549300I645G0USPS4266 99 Cents Only Stores LLC (99 Cents Only) 2 United States
969500GNQRRLTUWX6772 A B C GESTION (ABC Gestion) 2 France
549300DVFSBPTDAEBT13 A&G Global SICAV - Banagher Fund (A+G GLOBAL SICAV-BANAGHER FUND) 0 Luxembourg
549300QIC4SCTTODBP30 A&G Global SICAV - Blackwater Fund (A+G GLOBAL SICAV-BLACKWATER FUND) 0 Luxembourg
549300R3G8I80JW1U279 A&G Global SICAV - Cootehill Fund (A+G GLOBAL SICAV-COOTEHILL FUND) 0 Luxembourg
5493007325B28X4QCQ52 A&G Global SICAV - Donegall Fund (A+G GLOBAL SICAV-DONEGALL FUND) 0 Luxembourg
549300D20030IIRGKQ25 A&G Global SICAV - Kenmare Fund (A+G GLOBAL SICAV-KENMARE FUND) 0 Luxembourg
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