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The purpose of ISINLEI is to create the largest collection of confirmed ISIN – International Securities Identification Number - to LEI - Legal Entity Identifier - matches and associated reference data.

What are ISINs and what are LEIs?
LEIs are unique reference codes that identify a legal entity like the issuer of a security whereas the ISINs are a unique reference code that identifies the financial instrument (security) issued by these issuers.

Why Match ISINs with LEIs?
The world is full of databases with legal entity names. Every financial institution at least has one and in most cases, more than one. The names used for these legal entities are not consistent and so it is difficult to know that f.e. Bayerische Motor Werke AG is the same as BMW Aktiengesellschaft. By converting these names into unique identifiers it becomes really easy to allow databases to communicate with each other.

Furthermore, financial institutions increasingly need to know the LEI in order to transact in the ISIN.

How many ISIN-LEI matches does ISINLEI have?
At our latest count ISINLEI had nearly 10 million ISINs (International Securities Identification Numbers) with Legal Entity Identifiers. As more market participants request us to provide them with ISIN-LEI matches, this will of course increase...

Why Us?
We not only have built sophisticated tools to match the name of the Issuer that has issued the ISIN with the registered legal name of the LEI to provide a high level of confidence that that ISIN to LEI match is correct. More importantly, we have networked the ISIN to LEI match and thereby are able to verify the match with funding officials working for the relevant issuer. This provides an added level of certainty that the ISIN to LEI match is correct. In our ISINLEI Collaborative Network issuers create matches by specifying the LEI that matches with the ISIN. Our collaborative network not only includes issuers but also investors and dealers providing for an additional layer of security that the ISINLEI map is correct not just at issuance, but throughout the life of the instrument, from settlement date to maturity date.

Already done your ISIN to LEI matching?
Even when you have already done your ISIN to LEI matches, you may still want to consider working with us for added security.  Whilst in most cases the match seems obvious (UBS Ltd = UBS Ltd); but what if one is based in Jersey and the other one is based in London? And also is, for example, Bayerische Motor Werke AG, the same legal entity as BMW AG? Without networking the results though you may never know.

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ISIN to LEI maps not only promotes more up to date entity data but also provides extra comfort about data quality and consistency of associated data throughout the market.

Our sophisticated tools employ a range of technologies to map issuer and fund reference data with registered Legal Entity Identifier data.

Are you looking to:
- map your ISINs to LEIs?
- enrich your database with official LEI data?
- verify the mappings that you have created in-house?

In this case, it is really simple! Just send your relevant ISIN data set to and we will check your data for ISINLEI maps.

Why Free?
* The free mapping service is available for eligible financial institutions and for ISINs where we have already created the ISIN-LEI match. In all other cases, costs simply depend on the amount of effort involved.